RA Garage v0.15.0 Released

Version 0.15.0 has been released. One major update.

  • the Bike Logs page got a mostly complete design. All log types are shown in the same table in reverse chronological order.
  • After creating logs, you’re redirected back to the Bike Logs page instead of the Bike Overview page.
  • The HTML & CSS of forms (add bike, create log, etc) have been improved. The Log Fuel page in particular.
  • With no logs, the log forms start as ‘0’ mileage now.
  • In-app error messages are now supported. Currently for the sign up page but will be used throughout the app going forward.
  • A link to the sign up page was added under the login form.
  • Guest users (not logged in) will be redirected to the login page when trying to view the dashboard page (homepage).

@chayev This is now out if you wanted to test. I remember you were looking for the new log stuff yesterday.

Thanks for the heads up! I really like the updates - currently testing and will be logging notes.

I’m unable to log mileage on my phone. I tried both Chrome and Safari, and get an error saying the date is invalid.

This also happens when using fuel logs.


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If you create a new account when the email fails, a user is still created. Look at user ids 3 and 4 as examples.

This is interesting. Not only does this work on Google Chrome for desktop, it works on Chrome for Android as well. So this is an iOS problem. I’ll be looking into this today.

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For the email/user issue, I fixed has been merged. It’ll be available in the next release.

Reported issues have been fixed in v0.16.0: RA Garage v0.16.0 Released

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Quick turnaround! Looking forward to giving the update a try.

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