How should mileage log reminders work?

It was suggested to me by @Alex that there should be some sort of reminder for mileage logs. Something along the lines of, “Hey, it’s been a week since you last inputted mileage for [vehicle], would you like to do that now?”

Does anyone have a suggestion on how the app should send you that reminder?

  • SMS
  • email
  • just an in-app banner
  • push notification (mobile) (not sure how this plays in a desktop browser)
  • something else?

Assume for now I can only do one of these by launch.

cc @chayev

I’d personally like to get notifications via text messages.

As an alternative, I’d be open to receive push notifications.

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Thanks for that feedback.

In case SMS is the route, I did start looking into that. There’s three main costs, the per message cost, the carrier fee (per msg), as well as renting a phone number. shortcodes, which are awesome, are completely out of my price range right now. I can get a toll-free number for cheap and then send texts from that as a reasonable fee considering the low amount of users this app will have for awhile.

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